Relationship Rut? 6 Date Nights to Get Your Hearts Pounding

Published by Make It Better- August 19, 2015


You probably already know it’s important to get out and breathe some life into your relationship. But while the same old dinner-and-a-movie routine might seem relaxing, will it really set your hearts aflutter? Experts say couples who challenge themselves together, stay together.

“Everybody has a fundamental motivation to grow themselves,” says Dr. Gary Lewandowski, Jr., professor of psychology at Monmouth University. “The primary way to accomplish self-expansion is with a close romantic partner.”

Trying novel and stimulating activities together helps you, and thus, your relationship grow. “When people are growing, it rekindles passionate feelings,” Lewandowski says.

Take the Sustainable Marriage Quiz to see whether your relationship helps you have new experiences and achieve goals. If the results show that you could stand to add some excitement, don’t worry—start small and tailor ideas to both partners’ strengths and interests. You may just find that your hearts beat faster for each other when you’re trying something challenging.

“Better than any cushy trip or luxe date are the adventures you have survived together,” says April Masini, relationship expert at “Those are the stories that are your marriage.”

Shake up date night with some of these engaging experiences. And the next time someone asks you, “What have you been up to lately?” you’ll both have an enthusiastic reply.


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